About Paul

Paul Golding is an industry renowned sound engineer working at the highest level for 30 years, having trained at the legendary Lansdowne and CTS Studios before embarking on his freelance career.

A highly experienced recording and mix engineer across all genres, Paul has worked extensively in film and television soundtrack recording/mixing gathering over 200 IMDb credits including Emmy Award winning productions such as Downton Abbey, and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Capable of producing world class results whether in a high-end orchestral facility, or an artist’s home studio, Paul works regularly at top end facilities such as Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst and Angel studios.

Based in the UK, Paul also provides remote services including recording, mixing and mastering. Get in touch now to discuss your project!

Speak to Paul on Messenger
Speak to Paul on Messenger

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Recording & Mixing
  • Film, TV & Video Game music
  • Jazz, Classical, Rock & Pop, World
  • Library music and jingles
  • Location music recording
  • Online and remote recording/partnerships
Pre & Post Production
  • Mastering
  • Pro-Tools recording session prep
  • Virtual sampled instrument creation
  • DDP Image creation/Checksum
  • Music editing
  • Project Planning
  • Studio Build & Set-up
  • Computer services
  • Education
  • Library Music track placement

Selected Portfolio

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Speak to Paul on Messenger
Speak to Paul on Messenger